Custom PVC Ring Binders

We manufacture a wide range of custom branded or unbranded PVC ring binders in a variety of colours and designs with added features such as pen holders, CD holders etc.
Shown below are a selection of binders we have produced for our customers previously.
PVC Ring Binders
All our custom ring binders come in a variety of different styles from 'O' Ring to 'D' Ring, where 'O' rings are fixed to the spine and 'D' rings to the inside back cover.

Our PVC ring binders can either have 2 or 4 rings, 4 rings are generally used on binders which are intended to hold a larger capacity as they will hold the papers more securely. PVC ring binders are more rigid and therfore less likely to bend or loose their shape than other materials.

PVC binders come in a variety of colours and can be screen printed with almost any design imaginable and for that extra quality a layer of foam can be added beneath the PVC to give the binder a unique texture.

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