Artwork Specifications

Need to know how to supply your artwork to us? Then you’ve come to the right place!

File Format

We accept all major file formats such as Corel Draw, Adobe EPS, AI or PDF. However, Adobe portable document format (PDF) is desirable. When sending us working files please make sure that all images, objects and required fonts are embedded or supplied with your artwork submission.


Images should be supplied at 100% and at 300 dpi to obtain the best possible quality. For larger printed finished work, 150dpi is an acceptable resolution to keep the file sizes reasonable.

White Ink Files

If a printed job requires a spot white ink to be printed, a vector ‘spot’ file must be provided with the artwork. This should ideally be in a PDF or EPS format, either as a separate file or as a separate layer in the print file. If a separate file is submitted, please make sure that registration marks are on both the print and white files supplied.

Contour Cut Files

If a printed job requires a non-rectangular shape to be cut out, a vector path file must be supplied with the artwork. This should ideally be in a PDF or EPS format as a separate file. Please ensure registration marks are on both the print and cut files.

Alterations or additions to Artwork Supplied

A charge may be made to cover any additional work not included in the quotation. This covers any alterations to the artwork supplied. Where such work is required, a price will be given and agreed prior to the commencement of the additional work wherever possible. This can include creating the aforementioned White or Contour Cut files if not provided with the print artwork.

Safe Zone & Bleed (for edge-to edge printed finished work)

All images and text, logos, etc, apart from background images need to be placed at least 5mm away from the edge of the page. Do not use rule borders near the edge of the page.


If you are supplying fonts for an editable document then please ensure you have supplied the PC or Open version. We have a large number of font libraries and their variations. However, we recommend that you supply your fonts that were used within the document. Alternatively, please convert all text within the document into vector outlines / curves. For PDF files, make sure you have embedded the fonts within the document.