Signs & Labels

Need a sign or label? Then look no further, we manufacture general and bespoke signs and labels for all applications. From fire exit signs to no smoking signs through to safety signs we make them all!
Shown below are a selection of signs & labels we have produced for our customers previously.
Signs & Labels
Wherever you go you cannot avoid seeing some sort of fire or safety sign, there are numerous types of signs available such as "No Smoking", "Keep Clear" and "No Parking". Signs are generally broken down into a number of catagories which are: Hazard Signs, Mandatory Signs, Fire and Photoluminescent Signs, Prohibition Signs, Traffic Signs, Hazchem Signs and General Signs.

When it comes to fire signs there are strict guidelines that need to be followed, such as the size of the sign, the colour, and the content of the sign. Fire signs are required by law to help people find escape routes and firefighting equipment. We manufacture a range of fire signs that can, if desired, include your company details in the bottom corner. There are two types of fire exit signs that we produce:

Plain signs which are printed onto PVC and luminescent signs which are prined onto a special type of photoluminescent material. Our signs can be produced in bulk with a combination of different signs printed at the same time to reduce costs and therefore save you more money per sign purchased.

No smoking signs are one of the most common signs on display to members of the public, they are visible in all public buildings from library's to sports centers and also private businesses by law. Here at Screentec we produce a wide variety of no smoking signs from simple no smoking images to signs with warnings included, we can also produce multi-language signs and no smoking signs which include your company logo for increased personalisation.

Our general signs or posters can be custom made in a variety of shapes or sizes up to B1 and can be printed 4 colour process or spot colour allowing almost any design that can be conceived to be produced to the highest possible standards.

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