Travel & Motoring

We manufacture a range of custom Travel & Motoring accessories such as luggage tags and tax disc holders. Browse below to see a small selection of the Travel & Motoring accessories that we have produced.
Travel & Motoring
Travel & Motoring covers a variety of items from tax disc holders, luggage tags, document wallets and even handheld airport signs. Document Wallets are an ideal way to store numerous items such as cheque books, credit cards and various types of tickets. They can also be used to store papers such as MOT certificates, maps and work permits. Document wallets are designed to be durable and sometimes water resistant so that the documents that they hold can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Our document wallets can be customised to include any type of image or logo that you desire and can include various types of additional features such as zips and hanging loops.

Tax disc holders are an ideal way to promote your business as they are displayed in the front of a vehicle for all to see. The tax disc holders that we produce come in four main styles:

Small shield,
Large shield,
Custom shape.

Whatever style you choose you can be sure that out custom tax disc holders are produced to the highest possible standards and use the best quality materials for extra durability.

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