One of the most exciting strolls you’ll ever take is down the corridor before your movie at the cinema. Dotted between the different doors are ads for new and upcoming films, so you’re already planning your next trip to the cinema before you’re even at your seat! Movie posters give you the feel for a movie before you see the trailer, and they allow producers the opportunity to get creative with still prints. You can even buy custom full colour posters to spice up the walls in your own home.

Speaking of full-colour posters, here are Screentec’s picks for the best movie posters of all time. Prepare for a trip down memory lane!


Of course, this is one of the first movie posters that’ll spring to mind. The Jaws poster is an iconic artwork, with bold red text and a blue and white colour palette.

We want to bet this graphic is framed on a fair few walls across the globe, and the poster is one of the first things we visualise when we think of the film.

The plot of Jaws isn’t difficult to predict from this artwork, so it promotes the movie exceptionally. One thing is for sure; we wouldn’t want to be in that swimmer’s position!

High School Musical

Once again, this movie poster is so iconic that it’s one of the first things we picture from the title.

Including all of the prominent cast members, this artwork has been printed on the DVD, and endless promotional items, so it’s easily one of the most recognisable teen film posters.

With a burgundy theatre background and some clever neon font, you can derive the plot of this movie from its artwork.

It’s the first of three High School Musical films, but the second and third posters aren’t half as memorable.

The Godfather

On a completely different note to High School Musical, The Godfather is a much darker tale, and that much is evident from the movie poster.

The sinister shadowing on this artwork immediately gives the impression of a gangster tale, which is a credit to how cleverly this poster has been created.

Though The Godfather trilogy includes three movies, no scene is as well-remembered as this frame from the first film. You can almost hear it!

American Beauty

In yet another twist, the American Beauty poster uses sex appeal to sell the film.

There is an instant impression that the movie will be provocative, with an exposed, toned stomach, and a rose draped across bare skin. As we all know now, the rose is a clever and PG tribute to the movie’s nude scene.

While the poster may not be as memorable as Angela draped in rose petals, the film’s recurring motif, it’s a brilliant piece of artwork with plenty of hidden symbolism.

Back To The Future

Back To The Future is a classic, old-school film, and the movie poster is equally iconic.

The first, second, and third film posters have a similar feel, so the entire franchise is recognisable.

With the trail of fire, Marty staring at his watch, and the Delorean in the background, the first film’s most significant elements are all cleverly featured in the poster.

We’d bet this is framed on plenty of walls for some nostalgia!

The Silence Of The Lambs

An unsettling poster certainly suits a disturbing film, and it doesn’t get much more disturbing than The Silence Of The Lambs.

Since the movie is a psychological thriller to the highest degree, the unusual artwork gives an insight into the twists and turns of the film.

With a dark colour palette and pops of red, movie posters don’t get much more iconic than this. It’s universally appreciated, and has been recreated by multiple artists.

While we can’t promise they’ll be as iconic as the best movie posters of all time, you can create custom posters and promotional items with our team at Screentec. Contact us to find out more!