Who doesn’t love a freebie? You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who’d reject a chunky pen or a printed diary. Custom promotional items can be an excellent way to guarantee your business is memorable and your logo manages to leave the walls of an exhibition hall. When you’re competing with hundreds of stalls for visitors’ attention, any small token to set you apart is a worthwhile investment.

The real difficulty is determining a reasonable budget for your stand. Your freebies can’t be worth more than an acquisition, or you’ll lose money! With that in mind, here are the best promotional gifts for exhibitions (that won’t leave you out of pocket).


A Functional Keyring

We know what you’re thinking. A keyring? Is that not the least creative branded gift you could offer? If you settle on a useless plastic pendant, then absolutely. Who will be so passionate about your brand after the first pitch that they’ll display your logo on their keys? Nobody. Branded keyrings without purpose are a waste of time and effort.

Functional keyrings are a different story. A trolley token including your logo, a torch decorated with your email address, or a printed bottle opener displaying your website domain is much more likely to get added to a bunch of keys. They serve a purpose beyond advertising your brand by fulfilling a need.


A Diary Or Calendar

Without a unique idea, freebies from your exhibition stand can be a novelty that wears off fast. Want to splurge on merchandise that’ll last one-year minimum? A diary or a calendar is physically designed for twelve months of usage. Include your logo on every page, and you’ll be at the forefront of your lead’s mind for weeks on end. That’s plenty of time to convert into a customer!

Match the colours of your diary or calendar to your custom exhibition displays. If the design of your products is coherent with your pitch, your merchandise will remind any visitor of your value. Your message is infinitely more memorable if it’s resembled in your gifted diary or calendar, so ensure you include a brief description of your service.


A Recycled Tote Bag

Is it possible to have too many carriers? We think not. No matter how many shopping bags you have on your hands, they’re easy to forget. Any time you head to the supermarket, it’s nearly a guarantee you’ll have to buy a 20p bag for life to stop your milk from hitting the floor. With a branded, recycled tote bag to pop in your car, you’ll always have a carrier on hand!

Recycled canvas bags are an affordable piece of merchandise. Their printed logo will advertise your business as they’re worn in public. While branded pens, for example, are a reasonable, inexpensive idea, they won’t represent your business as loudly as attire. After all, how often do you share writing equipment with a stranger? A tote commands more attention.


Branded Food And Drink

Sewn or manufactured promotional items are costly and require a lot of forethought. For a cheaper alternative, offer consumables! A tea bag in a sachet with your logo is guaranteed to be enjoyed by a hot drink enthusiast. Or you can provide cupcakes in your company colours, packaged with a sticker holding your contact details. During a long day of exploring stands, a sugar rush never goes unappreciated! A tin of mints is also a great shout, and they’ll last longer.

The best promotional gifts for exhibitions are thoughtful. When you consider your target audience’s needs and attempt to address them, you’re demonstrating that your business values people. Portable chargers to revive dead phones, cupcakes to provide sustenance and diaries to improve organisation are all innovative ideas. Contact us at Screentec, and we’ll support your creation of custom marketing material for events of any size.